We spent the week in Amsterdam and took the train to a town called Utrecht to spend the day with Wendy, Jeroen, Stephen and Nick.

Some Red Light district highlights.

“Real fucking live show”

Hebrew reads: “Penis on the stage”

After the war, many abandoned buildings were bought up by developers who then left them to rot so they could be torn down. Squatters moved in because of a housing crisis, and a judge allowed them to stay since the developers weren’t actually doing anything with the buildings.

We rented a paddle boat and Wendy took us on a tour of the city.

Minna and I are “that couple”. We cuddle, hold hands and make out in public all the time. It’s wonderful.

We did a Math Walking tour, led by an American ex-pat who teaches math. The picture above is at the Amsterdam Central train station, and features Pythagorus, (A2 + B2 = C2) and the women represent engineering and science. Oh, and the tour guide is a gamer, so, dice.

We found this tree growing out over a pond in a park in Amsterdam, creating a natural dock out onto the water. We had our own private space surrounded by ducks and egrets.

And Anneliese, who left Aurora in Mexico City, has now moved to Boulder, CO. She will meet up with us in Capetown, South Africa. 🙂

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